Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You can buy online the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced at Frantoio Maddii in packages ranging from 250 cc up to five liters and receive it comfortably at your home.

Our EVO oil represents the highest expression of the Maddii family's production: in fact, it is produced from olives hand-picked while still unripe within 12 hours of entering the mill.

Maxi Stock Pack of Typical Tuscan Artisan Products

Carefully selected typical Tuscan products

In addition to Extra Virgin Olive Oil in packages ranging from 250 cc to five liters, you can also buy wines, cold cuts, cheeses, pickles, flavored oils, desserts with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pasta and Tuscan sauces, honey, jams, balsamic vinegar, olive pâté, oil jars and much more.

Each product is the result of a careful selection among the best typical Tuscan products of our territory.