Olive Fly

Olive fly is one of the biggest threats to us olive growers.


The olive fly, also known as the olive fly or oil fly, is an insect of the fly family, whose larva is a miner of the olive tree; it is the most worrying pest for Italian olive groves.

It is present in all olive cultivations and in certain favourable seasons (the month of AUGUST) it can cause great losses to the oil production, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.
It is very important, in fact, during this month of the year to monitor the olive fly and if necessary intervene with certain products.

To monitor our olive groves from the fly , various operations can be carried out , including:


  1. Intervene with treatments based on copper, which make the pericarp (the skin) of the olives thicker, making it more difficult for the fly to lay eggs.
  2. Zeolite is an excellent choice in organic olive fly control. Zeolite, often known as rock dust, is a family of minerals that has a very regular and microporous crystalline structure. It is mixed with water and Sodium Silicate or Potassium Silicate. In this way, through nebulization, it is possible to create a patina on the plant that can function as a protective mechanical barrier against the olive fly. Treatments with Zeolite must be made from the first half of June and repeated every 15-20 days depending on the seasonal rainfall so that, if washed away, we can give protection to the plant again.
  3. traps: Different types of traps are available for catching olive fly adults (both males and females) containing food attractants such as hydrolysed proteins, torula, ammonium bicarbonate, putrescine.

We hope you find this article useful in preserving the quality of your olive groves.