It's the time for the first olive flowers to blossom

Spring has finally arrived and here they are! The first flowers are beginning to appear on our olive trees.

The month of flowering of the olive tree is the month of May, because the climatic conditions are very favorable to this event: the temperature, in fact, at this time of year fluctuates between twenty and twenty-five degrees and the rain should be minimal, otherwise, the newly formed flowers would go to waste. Also the excessive temperature could hinder the good flowering of the plant; beyond thirty degrees in fact, the growth would stop and in this case it is good to give our plants an abundant irrigation.

A correct flowering of the olive tree is determined by many factors, climatic and artificial. A good fertilization and a pruning not too aggressive carried out in the months preceding the flowering is the first step to obtain a good final result.

In the next month we will inform you about the progress of the new production.