Evo oil on our skin

In addition to having a great importance in our kitchen, what you may not know is that this product can be a valuable ally for the our leather.
Extra virgin olive oil is a element invaluable for the care and nourishment of the body's skin. Its action is as strong as it is gentle, and it is also compatible with children's skin.

The benefits of olive oil on the skin

Since it is a completely natural product, extra virgin olive oil can be a real and proper elixir for your skin care thanks to its many properties. La vitamin E contained in the extra virgin olive oil is able to counteract i radicals free giving the skin a more youngbright e compact.
No less important a role is played by the vitamins of the Group Awhich favour the regeneration of the skin acting as an excellent natural anti-wrinkle.
The acids fatsThey also make the skin supple and soft, reducing imperfections due to ageing and atmospheric agents.
in addition, its capacity anti-inflammatoryIt is in fact indicated to treat irritations thanks to its soothing properties.

How to take advantage of its benefits

Extra virgin olive oil is widely used for facial cleansing in a manner natural and without contraindicationsIt is able to remove impurities without attacking or damaging the face. This is why it is preferable to more aggressive, chemically synthesized ingredients.

Another important property of extra virgin olive oil concerns its strong moisturizing action. If you have dry skin, the evo oil can provide the right nourishment to make the shine by new la leather of face and body.
In addition, the very high concentration of vitamins is able to significantly improve some of the most hated imperfections of women, such as the stretch marks.

One of the most widely used methods is the classic "grandmother's remedy", in fact after a sunburn Olive oil is able, thanks to its properties, to give a great sense of relief.