A Long History of Tradition in the Processing of Olives

Frantoio Maddii in Levane-Bucine in Tuscany (Italy) is a family-run business.
Founded in 1930 by the great-grandfather of the current owner, Corrado Maddii has always operated in the respect of the tradition of the Maddii family, working the olives rigorously:

- unripe
- handpicked
- within 12 hours of entering the mill.

Guarantee of Quality in the processing of Olive Oil

The emerald green oil thus obtained is stored in stainless steel containers so that it remains in the dark and without external contact. Only after a short period of natural decantation is it bottled to be sold. This way of working allows the Maddii oil mill to offer customers a product of the highest guaranteed quality, but at competitive prices.

Great Care and Selection of Typical Tuscan Products

After so many years of business, Frantoio Maddii is still a family-run business, but it has expanded the range of products that can be purchased in the direct sales outlet in Levane. In addition to extra virgin olive oil, you can also find wines, cured meats, cheeses, pickled oils, flavoured oils, extra virgin olive oil sweets, pasta and Tuscan sauces, honey, jams, balsamic vinegar, olive pâté, oil jars and much more.

Especially during the Christmas period at Frantoio Maddii we pack gift baskets that the customer can freely compose with food products of the highest quality.

Maxi Stock Pack of Typical Tuscan Artisan Products